Zone Qualifiers Information

Information about Zone Qualifiers


All MDAI zones must have at least one Qualifie. However it is suggested that you host more than one to allow people to be able to participate.

All players wanting to play in provincials MUST PHYSICALLY PLAY in a qualifier. There are no exceptions and you can not buy in to Qualifiers. 

You may buy into provincials and not play a qualifier by paying a $150.00 fee ONLY IF you were on Team Manitoba the previous year, or if you are in the Top 8 of the Manitoba Ranking list on December 31 of the year previous to the Provincials. 

Any player playing in qualifier to be able to play in provincials MUST have their membership for the current year Paid in full.  Regardless what the Zone Chair says there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any zone chair modifying these rules for a player will be brought to the attention of the disciplinary committee.