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2014 Golden Boy
September 12-14, 2014

Men's Singles Champiom - Dave Hendy

Men's Singles Runner-Up - Cory Tkach

Men's Singles Joint 3rd - Alex Parnitsky

Men's Singles Joint 3rd - Danny McKenzie

Ladies Singles Champion - Kristin Kovich

Ladies Singles Runner-Up - Roxanne van Tassel

Ladies Singles Joint 3rd - Cathy Kerrigan

Ladies Singles Joint 3rd - Tricia Wark

Men's Doubles Champions - Dean Corlett & Ryan Bell

Men's Doubles Runner-ups - Edward Kapaw-an & Jeremy

Men's Doubles Joint 3rd - Duane James Langbis & Alwyn Roy Bautista

Men's Doubles Joint 3rd - Miles Lepine & Doug Allard

Ladies Doubles Champions - Tricia Wark & Angie Wark

Ladies Doubles Runner-Ups

Ladies Doubles Joint 3rd - Donna Ferguson & Denise Ward

Ladies Doubles Joint 3rd - Kristin Kovich & Adrienne Veters

Mixed Doubles Champions - Alex Parnitsky & Cathy Kerrigan

Mixed Doubles Runner-Ups - Adrianne Veters & Scott Sansom

Mixed Doubles Joint 3rd - Addy Murdock & Glen Walker

Mixed Doubles Join 3rd - Romel Natividad & Donna Purdy