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2010 Adult Provincials
April 9-11, 2010

2010 Manitoba Adult Provincial Team
Back: Mark Denmark, John Neufeld, Les Douglas, Chris Parei, Terry Harris, Rory Orvis, Lorne Heinrichs, Gerry Convery
Front: Barbara Pugh, Addy Murdock, Heather Friesen, Audrey Campbell, Donna Guimond, Donna Ferguson, Anna Duffy, Tricia Wark

Men's Champion - Gerry Convery
2nd place - Lorne Heinrichs

3rd place - Rory Orvis
4th place - Terry Harris

5th place - Chris Parei
6th place - Les Douglas

7th place - John Neufeld
8th place - Mark Denmark

Ladies Champion - Tricia Wark
2nd place - Anna Duffy

3rd place - Donna Ferguson
4th place - Donna Guimond

5th place - Audrey Campbell
6th place - Heather Friesen

7th place - Addy Murdock
8th place - Barbara Pugh