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2008 Winnipeg Open
November 21-23, 2008

Men's Singles - 1st place - Gerry Convery

Men's Singles - 2nd place - Rory Orvis

Men's Singles - Joint 3rd
Larry Caruk
Men's Singles - Joint 3rd
Terry Harris
Men's Singles - Joint 5th
Elwin Becker

Men's Singles - Joint 5th
Ed Freeman
Men's Singles - Joint 5th
Clayton Esquega
Men's Singles - Joint 5th
Cory Tkach

Ladies Singles - 1st place - Denise Ward

Ladies Singles - 2nd place - Charlene Bell

Men's Doubles - 1st place - Terry Harris and Gerry Convery

Men's Doubles - 2nd place - Dave Hendy and Scott Sansom

Men's Doubles - Joint 3rd
Drew Doyle and Greg Wieczorek
Men's Doubles - Joint 3rd
Cory Tkach and Mike

Ladies Doubles - 1st place - Dianne Becker and Denise Ward

Ladies Doubles - 2nd place - Angie Wark and Tricia Wark

Mixed Triples - 1st place - Ryan Bell, Cory Tkach, Charlene Bell

Mixed Triples - 2nd place - Dave Hendy, Krista Ley, Glen Walker

Mixed Triples - Joint 3rd - Gerry Convery, Tricia Wark, Terry Harris

Mixed Triples - Joint 3rd - Paul, Niasha, Dale

Blind Draw Doubles - 1st place - Charlene Bell and Larry Caruk

Blind Draw Doubles - 2nd place - Glen Walker and Ed Freeman

Blind Draw Doubles - Joint 3rd - Stan Milosevic and Ron Looker

Blind Draw Doubles - Joint 3rd - Lorne Heinrichs and Terry Harris