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2008 Memorial
January 25-27, 2008

1st Place - Blind Draw Doubles - Larry Caruk and Glen Walker

2nd Place - Blind Draw Doubles - Dwayne Heinrichs and Terry Harris

Men's Singles - 2nd Place - Jeff Dueck - 1st Place - Gerry Convery

Men's Singles - Joint 3rd - Les Douglas, Elwin Becker

Women's Singles - 1st Place - Dianne Becker- 2nd Place - Angie Wark

Women's Singles - Joint 3rd - Denise Ward, Donna Ferguson

1st Place - Mixed Triples - Lorne Heinrichs, Tricia Wark, Gerry Convery

2nd Place - Mixed Triples - Dave Hendy, Shelly Rawlinson, Scott Sansom

Joint 3rd - Mixed Triples - Terry Harris, Sandra Orvis, Doug Allard

Joint 3rd - Mixed Triples - Rory Orvis, Charlene Bell, Ryan Bell