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2008 Golden Boy
September 12-14, 2008

Blind Draw Doubles - 1st place - Clint Clarkson and Christine Stark

Blind Draw Doubles - 2nd place - Cindy Pardy and Don Briand

Blind Draw Doubles - Joint 3rd - Doug Hawkins and Stan Milosevic

Blind Draw Doubles - Joint 3rd - Gary Cumming and Larry Caruk

Mixed Triples - 1st Place - Greg Lewis, Cindy Pardy, Clint Clarkson

Mixed Triples - 2nd Place - Alex Austria, Tricia Wark, Gerry Convery

Mixed Triples - Joint 3rd - Nathan Berry, Barb Ruth, Craig Berry

Mixed Triples - Joint 3rd - Dwayne Fontaine, Charlene Bell, Ryan Bell

Men's Singles - 1st place - Ken MacNeil (AB)

Men's Singles - 2nd place - Greg Lewis (AB)

Men's Singles - Joint 3rd - Gerry Convery

Ladies Singles - 1st place - Cindy Pardy (AB)

Ladies Singles - 2nd place - Krista Ley

Ladies Singles - Joint 3rd - Angie Wark

Ladies Singles - Joint 3rd - Tricia Wark

Men's Doubles - 1st place - Scott Sansom and Doug Allard

Men's Doubles - 2nd place - Clint Clarkson and Greg Lewis

Men's Doubles - Joint 3rd - Ryan Bell and Corey Tkach

Men's Doubles - Joint 3rd - Waun Vettez and Shane Charles

Ladies Doubles - 1st place - Tricia Wark and Angie Wark

Ladies Doubles - 2nd place - Cindy Pardy and Sandra Orvis

Ladies Doubles - Joint 3rd - Audrey Campbell and Charlene Bell

Ladies Doubles - Joint 3rd - Krista Ley and Sherry Shelton

Visitors from Ontario

Visitors from Alberta